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Cleveland Browns Free Agency: Remaining Targets We Should Sign

With day one of the 2013 NFL Free Agency period winding down, I'll take a look at some of the players I personally think the Browns should pursue, or continue to pursue.

Harry How

Today got started off with a bang with the Paul Kruger signing. And just recently news broke that the Browns have agreed to terms with former Oakland defensive tackle, Desmond Bryant. Clearly the Cleveland Browns are going to have a fortified front seven attack next year under new defensive coordinator Ray Horton.

Reports were coming in today rapid fire as to who the Browns were targeting. While no other signings have been reported (yet), I'll still take a look at 4 (or 5) players I'd like to see the Browns sign this offseason. Let's get after it.

Brandon Myers, TE Oakland Raiders:

- Personally I think Myers has to be top priority for the Browns going forward. Reports had the Browns hot after Jared Cook. But now that Cook is gone to St. Louis, the Browns need to shift their focus elsewhere. Cleveland has already been rumored to be interested in Myers. Even Myers himself has said he thinks he's leaving Oakland. The tight end position needs to be a primary concern for the Browns now that they've parted ways with Benjamin Watson. With Jordan Cameron as basically the only other tight end on the roster, Myers would be a nice fit. Myers had 79 catches, 806 yards and 4 touchdowns last year. That kind of production would fill the Browns TE hole nicely.

Julian Edelman, WR New England Patriots:

- Julian Edelman might not be the splash signing like the Dolphins made nabbing Mike Wallace. But all things considered, I think he'd be a nice piece to add to Cleveland's young wide receiver core. Josh Gordon is a budding star, and Greg Little hopefully can build on a 2012 that saw him make strides. I'll concede that the Browns don't necessarily need another slot receiver with Travis Benjamin on the roster, but Edelman is more than just a slot receiver. And since it doesn't seem like Greg Jennings is going to be leaving Green Bay, the Browns will need to move on to the next option at WR. That could very well be Edelman. He is a Kent State alumnus and broke Josh Cribbs' total yards record during his career as a Golden Flash. Edelman would bring the jack-of-all-trades aspect to the Browns offense, something that may need replaced if fellow Kent Stater Cribbs is not resigned (which sounds likely, if not imminent).

Geoff Schwartz, OG Minnesota Vikings:

- Honestly my main reason to put Schwartz on this list is because his brother is the Cleveland Browns starting right tackle, Mitchell Schwartz. Outside of the fact that he's Mitchell's brother, he's also a serviceable offensive lineman. Geoff Schwartz has been a part time starter since he came into the league with Carolina in 2008. Geoff might not come in right away and start, but depth at the guard position is definitely a need for the Browns. He's also a big ol' dude, checking in at 6'6" and almost 340 lbs. Cleveland has already focused on the D-line today, agreeing to terms with Kruger and Bryant. Bolstering the O-line should be their next focus, and adding Geoff Schwartz would be a great place to start.

Captain Munnerlyn, CB Carolina Panthers OR Antoine Cason, CB San Diego Chargers:

- I was trying to boil this down to one or the other, but I really couldn't decide who I'd prefer, so I just went with both. Obviously I can't see the Browns actually signing both, but one can dream right? I see both as potentially great pickups for the Browns to bolster their secondary. Sheldon Brown is questionable to return to Cleveland, and even if he is resigned it's unclear what his role will be. It's ever more important for Cleveland to add depth to their secondary. The Browns have already been rumored to be in contact with both Munnerlyn and Cason. Both are younger corners. Both have ties to Cleveland's new staff - Munnerlyn with Rob Chudzinski in Carolina; and Cason with Norv Turner in San Diego. While I can see both being solid fits in Cleveland, I see Captain Munnerlyn as the more realistic option. And who can argue signing him with a name like that?

So I've laid out a few players that I'd like to see the Browns sign. Now what say you DBN faithful? Any takers on the candidates I've outlined, or are there others you'd rather go after?