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Browns Have Reported Interest in TE Kellen Davis, While Brandon Myers Goes Off the Market

Yep, this guy!
Yep, this guy!

The options at tight end for the Cleveland Browns are continuing to dwindle, but it still seems as though the team is showing a moderate interest in adding somebody else to their roster. As it stands right now, there are three tight ends on the roster: Jordan Cameron, Gary Barnidge, and Dan Gronkowski.

I had actually forgotten about Gronkowski until recently, but the point still remains that none of those guys have ever been featured in a role as a starting tight end. Cameron has shown some potential as a receiver, but was a backup to Benjamin Watson over the past couple of seasons.

On Saturday, the tight end market continued to dwindle for Cleveland, as Brandon Myers agreed to a deal with the New York Giants. Fred Davis is still available, but there haven't been many updates on him for the past couple of days. Albert Breer of did throw a new name into the mix for the Browns on Saturday, though: former Bears tight end Kellen Davis.

Before anyone gets too excited about Kellen, don't -- he recorded career highs in 2012, but only had 19 catches for 229 yards and 2 touchdowns. He has been in the league since 2008. He was technically a starting tight end for the Bears, but wasn't much of a weapon in their offense. Historically, that hasn't really flied in a Rob Chudzinski offense. It should be worth noting that Breer only reported that the Browns had an interest in Davis, and did not bring him in for a visit.

Also, Keith Britton reported earlier today that the team has not reached out to Watson yet: