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Browns Don't Receive Any Compensatory Picks For 2013 Draft

"Nope, no picks, guys."
"Nope, no picks, guys."

Earlier this month, I took a stab at projecting whether or not the Cleveland Browns would receive any compensatory draft picks in April's Draft. Compensatory picks were announced at the NFL's Annual League Meeting on Monday, and my projection was correct: the Browns did not receive any additional picks.

Last offseason, the Browns lost Peyton Hillis and Mike Adams, but signed Juqua Parker and Frostee Rucker. The net change was zero, which made it unlikely that Cleveland would receive any compensation. It's still to early to judge whether Cleveland will be due any compensatory picks in 2014.

Three teams picked up third-round picks: Houston, Kansas City, and Tennessee. In terms of the division, Baltimore added a fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh-round pick, Pittsburgh added a sixth-round pick, and Cincinnati added two seventh-round picks. The Ravens picked up as many additional picks as they did because last offseason, they lost Ben Grubbs, Jarret Johnson, Brandon McKinney, Haruki Nakamura, Cory Redding, and Tom Zbikowski while signing Sean Considine and Corey Graham.

The Ravens can use the additional picks this year to re-build at all of the positions they lost talent at in free agency. In 2012, the Browns received four compensatory picks -- two sixth-rounders and two seventh-rounders.