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Captain Munnerlyn Stays With the Carolina Panthers


Stop the presses: Captain Munnerlyn is staying with the Carolina Panthers. Munnerlyn reported the news on his Twitter account:

According to Joe Person of the Charlotte Observer, Munnerlyn agreed to a one-year deal, which would put him back on the market a year from now. The news is relevant to the Cleveland Browns because since free agency started, there were rumors that the Browns had an interesting in signing Munnerlyn. Unlike some other players, Munnerlyn will only be 25 years old next season, fitting the mold of the Browns' front office of adding younger players to the team.

As it stands right now, cornerback is one of the team's biggest weaknesses. Joe Haden is a stud at one of the positions, but after him, the team is left with Buster Skrine and Trevin Wade. One of those guys could fill a nickel role, but neither is projected as a starter in 2013. There is still a chance that Brent Grimes could sign with Cleveland; if the Browns flew him in, there had to be a definite interest in him.