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Daily Dawg Chow: Browns news (3/21/13)

Jason Miller


Cleveland Browns:


  • "Outrage over new helmet rule much ado about nothing" ( - "Emmitt Smith, Matt Forte, Eric Dickerson and running backs everywhere may squawk, but every change the NFL makes these days on behalf of player safety makes somebody squawk, doesn't it? Should the league really care? Not if it feels like it's on solid ground, as it does with the common-sense proposal that would ban players from using the crown of their helmet in the open field."
  • "Brian Urlacher, Chicago Bears part ways after 13 years" ( - "It's rare that a press release takes your breath away. The email from the Chicago Bears on Wednesday did just that. In bold letters, it read: 'Bears unable to reach agreement with Urlacher for 2013.'"
  • "Texans snagging Reed brilliant move" (CBS Sports) - "I know there are people who think safety Ed Reed is done. They think he's slowed. They think he's hanging on to make cash and pad his legacy. There are those who believe all of that. I am not one of them."
  • "What will Geno Smith turn out to be?" (ESPN) - "The baby had everything: 'Toy Story' sheets and Barney curtains and a chalkboard for Christmas so he could learn the alphabet from his grandma. He had an uncle who taught him football in the park, a teenage dad who held him awkwardly, as if he was afraid of dropping him, and a mom who was naive and confused but never embarrassed."