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Browns Sign TE Kellen Davis to 1 Year Deal

David Banks

Well, Free Agency is heating up the cold March weather in Cleveland again. . . This time the Browns went after another Tight End, Kellen Davis:

Davis has some interesting analytics that I believe Josh will be posting about later today so the timing of this signing is perfect. He's an excellent blocking back but his rankings as a pass catcher are not what I would call dynamic. The details of the signing are not yet available but we'll do our best to update the post as soon as they come out.

Interestingly enough, ESPN rumor blogger and OBR buddy, Brent Sobleski, shared this about our quest for pass catching TE, Fred Davis:

With this year's TE crop being among the best in recent drafts, look for the Browns to add another TE at some point in the draft. I hope we can land Fred Davis cause right now our only pass catching TE is the inexperienced and not yet proven youngster, Jordan Cameron.