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Baltimore Ravens End Up as the Beneficiaries to the Elvis Dumervil Fiasco


Why couldn't the fax just go through in time?

Most of you already know about the Elvis Dumervil fiasco that involved the Denver Broncos releasing him, Dumervil's agent being fired, and the Broncos having to commit money to Dumervil this year without him still being on the team. People were wondering where Dumervil would land after the incident, and in a stunning turn of events, we now know that he is headed to the Baltimore Ravens.

In a season where Baltimore has lost a lot of talent defensively, they quietly added the likes of Marcus Spears and Chris Canty to help patch things up. Dumervil gives Baltimore an excellent pass rusher to go along with Terrell Suggs. He is only two years older than Paul Kruger, but he has a much more proven track record: since becoming a starter over the past five years, he has averaged 11 sacks per year. To have an average like that means that you are getting the job done consistently.

On top of that, the Ravens got Dumervil at a much cheaper rate than the Browns got Kruger. Adam Schefter reported that Dumervil's contract is worth $35 million over five years. Pro Football Talk reports that he'll only get that full amount if he hits incentives; without the incentives, they say it's only worth $26 million. Here is the information regarding his signing bonus and cap hit in 2013:

Schefter also notes that Dumervil has an option/injury bonus in 2014, meaning his contract has $12 million guaranteed. The low cap hit in 2013 means that the Ravens can still sign another player or two to help them out this year, and then continue to restructure things as time goes on.

To compare, Kruger's deal was for $40.5 million over five years, with almost $20 million guaranteed and a cap hit of $8.18 million in 2013. As Pro Football Talk astutely pointed out, the Ravens might have just paid 64% of what the Browns paid Kruger to get an upgrade at the position.

Matt Wood pretty much echoed my thoughts on DBN's Twitter account:

What do you think, Browns fans? Are the Ravens big-time beneficiaries here? Would you have rather had Dumervil at that type of contract in Cleveland, compared to getting Kruger at the large amount he was paid?

Here is the reaction over at Baltimore Beatdown.