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Browns Radio Broadcasts Moving to ESPN 850 and 92.3 The Fan

Mark Kolbe

According to a report by Bob Finnan, the Cleveland Browns will no longer be featured on WTAM 1100 or WMMS 100.7, effective the 2013 NFL season. The stations, which are owned by Clear Channel, have served Browns games since the 1999 season. As Finnan points out, what of the things that the Browns haven't been too fond of are the conflicts that kept happening with Cleveland Indians games. The Browns wanted their games featured on both AM and FM, but when there was a Tribe game, they would only be featured on one station.

The new reported agreement will have two rival stations airing the broadcasts during the season: WKNR ESPN 850 on AM and WKRK 92.3 The Fan on FM. I see this change as both a convenience and a disservice. I recall several times in which I was not clear whether the Indians or Browns would be on a certain station. Now, it will be crystal clear which networks each sport will air on. On the other hand, there won't be any alternative programs on the sports radio networks (not that I listened anyway, because I'm glued to commenting on Dawgs By Nature and following the game or Twitter).

Does this change mean anything to you? Will you shed a tear knowing that the days of tuning in to WMMS for Browns games are over?