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Fred Davis Re-Signs With the Redskins, Closing the Door on Cleveland

Patrick McDermott

It was a big day for news in the NFC East: Tony Romo signed a $100+ million deal in Dallas, and Fred Davis re-signed with the Washington Redskins. The latter deal involving Davis was relevant to the Cleveland Browns, as it was reported near the start of free agency that the team had some interest in him. (Side note: Redskins fans are pleased with the return of Davis)

Over the past few weeks, though, it became more and more clear that Cleveland wasn't going to bring him aboard. Earlier this week, after the signing of Kellen Davis, I looked at the structure of the team's tight end position, stating that it looked to be shaping up like Jordan Cameron would receive a chance to be "the guy."

If the Browns had any intentions of improving the starting tight end position via free agency, Davis was basically the last available candidate. Sure, there are guys like Kellen Winslow, Dallas Clark, and Kevin Boss still out there, but none of them seem to really fit Joe Banner's agenda. With Davis' one-year deal, though, he has the opportunity to become a very attractive free agent in 2014 if he rebounds from an ACL injury in 2013.

Yesterday, the New Orleans Saints reached an agreement with another free agent Cleveland was interested in, linebacker Victor Butler. The other free agent they have pursued, cornerback Brent Grimes, is the lone wolf still available.