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Todd McShay's Mock Draft: Cleveland Browns Draft CB Dee Milliner


A few days ago, Todd McShay of ESPN unveiled his fourth mock draft of the season. In his first mock draft since the start of free agency, which position does he see being the highest priority for the Cleveland Browns at No. 6 overall? Cornerback, apparently:

No. 6 - Cleveland Browns - CB Dee Milliner

Analysis: I wasn't as high as some others on Browns QB Brandon Weeden during last year's draft process, but even I believe he deserves at least one year to prove what he can do under new offensive coordinator Norv Turner, whose system should play to Weeden's strength as a big-armed passer who can drive the ball downfield. That leaves cornerback as a top need area, and Milliner is a no-brainer if he's available. His instincts, recognition skills and discipline are impressive, and he's reliable in run support. Milliner would be an excellent complement to current Browns starter Joe Haden.

Mike Krupka of Dawgs By Nature covered the possibility of the Browns drafting Milliner in depth. We might not want Cleveland to take a cornerback at No. 6 overall, but if they don't sign someone with some starting experience, it could be something that Joe Banner and company end up doing. They missed out on Brent Grimes to the Dolphins already, and we haven't heard anything about Sheldon Brown coming back. In an interview on 92.3 The Fan this week, Milliner talked about the possibility of playing with Joe Haden and the Browns.

McShay drafted two rounds, but Cleveland is without a second-round pick.