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Cleveland Browns' Offseason Program Begins April 1st


The Cleveland Browns are one of four teams who are set to begin their offseason programs on April 1, building up to the 2013 NFL season. A few other teams are starting their programs on April 2, while the rest of the league is closer to April 15. The reason the Browns, as well as the other teams beginning their program within the first two days of April, are starting earlier than the rest of the league is because the rules of the CBA allow it if your team has hired a new head coach.

Thus, Monday begins "Phase One" of the team's offseason program. According to the CBA, that consists of the following:

Phase One shall consist of the first two weeks of the Club's offseason workout program. Phase One activities shall be limited to strength and conditioning and physical rehabilitation only. During Phase One, only full-time or part-time strength and conditioning coaches, who have no other coaching responsibilities with the Club, shall be allowed on the field; no other coaches shall be allowed on the field or to otherwise participate in or observe activities. No footballs shall be permitted to be used (only "dead ball" activities), except that quarterbacks may elect to throw to receivers provided they are not covered by any other player. Players cannot wear helmets during Phase One.

If I understand the language correctly, then only strength and conditioning Brad Roll and assistant strength and conditioning coaches Chris DiSanto and Derik Keyes would be allowed on the field. More coaches can start getting involved when minicamps and organized team activities commence, per the schedule below:

Voluntary Minicamp: April 16-18
OTA Offseason Workouts:
May 14-16, May 21-23, May 28-31
Mandatory Minicamp: June 4-6

You could tell that a couple of Cleveland Browns players were getting ready for the offseason program based on their recent tweets: