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DBN Fans: Reserve Your NFL Draft Profiles Now!

Last year, we had an excellent turnout of people putting together draft profiles on players you would be interested in seeing the Cleveland Browns taking. It wasn't necessarily about doing a profile on "the best players" in the draft; the funnest parts were hearing about the non-top-ten talent or even first-round talent who you thought would be a great fit for the team. Heck, last year, someone did a draft profile on Emmanuel Acho...and we actually ended up drafting him in the sixth round!

Mike Krupka has already done a great job covering a bunch of the top prospects who Cleveland may consider at No. 6 overall. It might seem tough to do a draft profile this year because Cleveland is without a second-round pick. However, there is always a chance we could trade down from No. 6 or trade up from the third round, so feel free to consider any prospect you'd like to see Cleveland take, regardless of our draft pick situation. This is your chance to shine and have your FanPost pinned to the cover of our front page for a day.

Here are some examples from last year, if you are wondering what goes into a draft profile:

-Doug Martin
-Stephen Hill
-Vontaze Burfict
-Emmanuel Acho

If you would like to do a profile, please leave a comment mentioning the player and the date you plan on posting it. We are trying to make sure that everyone does not post their draft profiles on the same day, so that way each person gets maximum exposure for their work. There will be a limit of two draft profiles per day, leading up to the draft, unless it is a staff member posting one.

Also, staff members, if you have any draft profiles that you were dead-set on doing (particularly Krupka), make a note in the comments section about them (date not necessary for staff members).