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Cleveland Beats Out Buffalo for New Kevin Costner Movie

Reports swirling today that Kevin Costner will play the Browns GM in an upcoming movie to be shot in Cleveland.

Ezra Shaw

Today it was reported that the Cleveland Browns beat out the Buffalo Bills as the "star" of a new Kevin Costner movie titled "Draft Day". Costner will apparently play the role of the General Manager of the Cleveland Browns in the upcoming movie. It was down to a two horse race, Buffalo and Cleveland, and the Browns won! Huzzah!

It's believed that the tax credit filmmakers can receive in Ohio was the final push that got Cleveland the W over Buffalo. Filmmakers that decide to use our beautiful Ohio landscapes as a backdrop can apply for the Ohio Motion Picture Tax Incentive. According to the Ohio Film Office, the tax credit can save filmmakers up to 25% on in-state spending. And who says Ohio has budget problems? We've got mega movie stars strolling our streets now.

Not many details have been released about "Draft Day", but it's believed Costner will play the GM of the Browns, and the story will about restoring the team to greatness. That's a movie we've been trying to film every Sunday for years.

While there's still a lot to iron out, one thing is for certain, this is just more exposure for the Browns (for better or for worse). Jimmy Haslam has done a fantastic job of generating exposure to the Browns ever since taking the reigns of the franchise last fall. Whether it was the Travel Channel mini-series, big name hires, or the selling of the stadium naming rights, it's clear Haslam has not only created a buzz around town, but nationally as well. Filming a movie in Cleveland, starring the Browns, will only create more of a buzz.

I'm a big Kevin Costner fan, "Tin Cup" is one of my favs. "Give me another ball!". So I couldn't be more excited to see how this whole thing shakes out.

What say you Browns fans, are you excited to see Kevin Costner playing our GM on the silver screen?