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Source: Browns to Pursue Avril, Kruger, Groves and Bryant

With Free Agency just around the corner, sources are starting to confirm interest and things are beginning to heat up in Cleveland, even if the weather isn't.

Gregory Shamus

The Cleveland Plain Dealer was told by a league source that the Browns' plan to pursue Cliff Avril, Paul Kruger, Quentin Groves and Desmond Bryant as soon as agents are able to start negotiating in free agency this Saturday. You can read more about it here.

The Browns will pursue two of the biggest-name pass-rushers in free agency in Baltimore's Paul Kruger and Detroit's Cliff Avril, league sources told The Plain Dealer.

They're also likely to go after Raiders defensive tackle Desmond Bryant and Cardinals linebacker Quentin Groves, sources said.

Acquiring Cliff Avril and/or Paul Kruger would most likely come at a hefty price tag but could seriously bolster our pass rush. I have already weighed in on Kruger and feel he could be a flash in the pan type player looking for a big payday but his production last year warrants consideration.

The article states that Avril was drafted by our current defensive line coach Joe Cullen and that Cullen developed Avril as a rookie which could give us some sort of "inside track". It's a cozy thought that I hope rings true but I feel as though the "inside track" to Avril will be his payday.

Quentin Groves would be a solid linebacker acquisition who would be coming from Horton's scheme in Arizona and could help translate the terminology to the rest of the linebacker core. I could see Groves stepping in as a starter until a young draft pick blossomed and was ready to start.

Free agency is about to kick off this weekend and I believe it will tell us a lot about how the Browns' plan to approach the draft in April. What are your thoughts on these potential free agents?