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Rumor: Browns Show Interest in OLB Paul Kruger, WR Danario Alexander, and CB Greg Toler

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier today, we posted about several representatives of players who the Cleveland Browns had contacted. Tonight, there are more rumors about players who the Browns are showing interest in, starting with Baltimore Ravens outside linebacker Paul Kruger. Kruger is expected to be one of the highest-paid defensive free agents due to his pass-rushing performance last season. According to The OBR, the Browns have reached out to Kruger's representatives.

Sticking with the defensive side of things, Nate Ulrich of the Akron Beacon Journal added to the list of cornerbacks who the Browns are showing interest in:

It is unclear if "expressed interest" is the same as "contacting their player representative," but you would imagine that inevitably, they will contact Greg Toler if there is interest. Toler is one of five key free agents I stated the Browns should sign, due to his connection to Ray Horton and the lower-level contract he might command compared to other players.

Lastly, The OBR stated that the Browns are interested in another wide receiver, after reaching out to the reps of Julian Edelman earlier in the day:

Danario Alexander was a late-season star for the Chargers last year, catching seven touchdowns in ten games and being a "fantasy godsend" to many. The Chargers cheapened out and placed an original-round tender on him as a restricted free agent, versus a 2nd-round tender. Since Alexander originally went undrafted, if another team signs him, they would not have to give up draft pick. The Chargers would still have the right to match an opposing team's contract offer, but if the offer is beyond their spending limit, they won't have a choice but to part ways with him.

In other semi-big free agency news, Anquan Boldin has rejected the Ravens' offer to take a pay cut. If Baltimore has to part ways with him, teams will surely be after his services. Also, the Sun-Sentinel reports that the Dolphins are heavily interested in wide receiver Mike Wallace, but that the free agent receiver is seeking $60 million over 5 years. Please, don't let the Browns have a heavy interest in this guy.

UPDATE (10:58 PM): According to Mary Kay Cabot, the Browns have also put a feeler out for an inside linebacker for the Ravens:

Just because the Browns are reaching out to all of these players doesn't mean that they intend in signing all of them. They could just be getting a feel for the market, what players are asking, and setting up various fallback scenarios if the players they really want don't end up in Cleveland.