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Browns Looking to Clean Out Scouting Department Following the Draft?

Chris Graythen

According to National Football Post, NFP, there was a buzz following a recent draft meeting that the Browns are looking to clean out their scouting department following the draft:

The Browns’ new regime recently held draft meetings to go over prospects, but did it in an unusual manner—without the team’s scouts. The attendees were CEO Joe Banner, general manager Mike Lombardi and assistant general manager Ray Farmer. Some take this as a sign the Browns may be preparing to clean house in the front office after the draft.

This may have been speculated and expected by some before this meeting. After all, this is the time of year when most scouts in organizations that are in transition often find themselves proactively looking for new employers. In the case of John Syptek and Jon Sandusky, I think the Browns have two "keepers" and I admire and respect the work they have done and the talent that have helped bring into the organization. That being said, much like the previous coaches and many key positions within the organization, this might be an area where the new regime cleans house.