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Thoughts and Prayers Go Out to the City of Boston; Joe Andruzzi With an Assist

Alex Trautwig

From all of us here at Dawgs By Nature, our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims, friends, and families associated with the tragedy at the Boston Marathon on Monday afternoon. I first heard of the news when sifting through my email and saw our NFL manager at SB Nation, Joel Thorman, reference the incident. It was a shock reading the headlines and seeing the photos on Google News; as someone who has been interested in participating in a marathon some day, I couldn't imagine things suddenly turning the way they did.

Thankfully, there are heroes ready to step up to the plate, and one of them is a former member of the Cleveland Browns. CNN posted a picture on Twitter, and a couple of NFL reporters confirmed that it was Joe Andruzzi, who played his final two seasons in the league (2005-2006) with the Browns as an offensive guard.

Please feel free to express your thoughts and prayers in the comments section, but please refrain from any debates or political-type discussions regarding the matter.