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Chudzinski: Jabaal Sheard's Transition to OLB, and Moving to the Right Side

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

After Tuesday's minicamp session, Cleveland Browns head coach Rob Chudzinski met with reporters to discuss a couple of topics. Several of the questions asked were about Jabaal Sheard, who is making the transition from being a 4-3 defensive end to a 3-4 outside linebacker. There have been some rumblings about him being traded, but that wasn't in the discussion today.

"[Sheard] has picked things up very well," said Chudzinski when asked about the transition so far. "Interestingly, I know there were a number of 3-4 teams that looked at him when he was coming out of college that were really interested in him. He has picked it up well and I've been impressed with him from a mental stand point and what he has been able to bring out to the field."

Chudzinski said that he didn't think Sheard needed to drop weight, and that he believes he has the ability to drop back into coverage. He was cautious with his words when asked if Sheard could be an "elite" pass rusher, though. "We'll see," Chudzinski stated. "Again, we'll need time out with all these guys. I do like the skills and ability I have seen while watching the film from last year. Some of the rush ability that he brings and I think Brian (Baker) will do a great job coaching them up."

The Plain Dealer's Tom Reed must have gotten a word with Sheard after the minicamp session, and the third-year player said that he'll be moving over to the right side:

The change for Sheard means that Paul Kruger, Cleveland's top offseason signing, would be penciled in as the left outside linebacker.