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Chudzinski Talks About Brandon Weeden's Strengths, and if Jason Campbell Could Start

CHirs Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

It wouldn't be the start of a Cleveland Browns minicamp without the first question to the head coach being the following: "What are the chances that Jason Campbell will compete with Brandon Weeden for the starting role?" It's the basics of "Quarterback Controversy 101," and we're all quite familiar with it. To be fair, unless the Browns pull a shocker and draft a quarterback in the first round, Weeden will be the heavy favorite to start. Nonetheless, Rob Chudzinski did not want to anoint a starter just yet.

"Right now we are going through and Brandon got the reps with the ones today," said Chudzinski. "We are taking a look at it. It’s early in the process, just seeing what guys are taking from the meeting room out to the field. We will work through that process. Campbell will get some reps with the ones as well along the way. But this is a long, long process that we are going to have and there is a long time between now and our opener. We’ve got plenty of time and this is just the first step."

Chudzinski was asked to compare the offense Weeden was in last year to this year's offense, but opted to discuss the expectations for Weeden instead.

"I am not really going to comment at all on what he did last year," stated Chudzinski. "I don’t know enough to know with that. As I’ve said before, you see a young guy who has some tools. He has a good arm and has the ability to get the ball down the field. We look and project that into the things we are going to try to do and obviously teach him. You are looking for progress from a guy who was a rookie and showed progress during his rookie season. You want to see him take the next step to his second year. Hopefully, he will do that and we have to teach him a new offense in the meantime."

Minicamp runs through Thursday, with the draft taking place a week after that. Chudzinski also talked about Jabaal Sheard's transition to the 3-4 defense, which you can read about here.