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Notes from Rob Chudzinski on Day 2 of Browns' Voluntary Minicamp

Thearon W. Henderson

Cleveland Browns head coach Rob Chudzinski talked with the media again after Wednesday afternoon's voluntary minicamp session. The transcript of what Chudzinski had to say is available here, but a few cliff notes are listed below:

  • TE Jordan Cameron didn't get the most glowing endorsement from Chudzinski when asked if he could be the team's top tight end. "He’s not ready right now, we are working through that with him," said Chudzinski. "He is learning the offense obviously. This is an offense that has featured tight ends and tight ends have always been a big part of it. He has the skill set that fits and he has had a good couple days. It’s a learning process right now and he has to keep progressing, but we feel good about him and where he is at right now."

    Chudzinski was also asked by a reporter if there have been any conversations about Kellen Winslow returning to the team. Chudzinski said that he hasn't asked him to come back, but he still stays in touch with him.
  • RB Trent Richardson will be the definitive No. 1 back again under a new coaching staff, but Chudzinski wants to keep him fresh. "We will use him on first-second down and Trent has some unique skills," stated Chudzinski. "He is a guy that we could play on three downs. Obviously, we just have to keep him fresh." Chudzinski used the word "flexibility" when describing the type of running backs that are ideal for his system.

Chudzinski was also asked about how quickly he's tried to install his offensive philosophy.

"We were aggressive with the install schedule," said Chudzinski. "We like to give them a lot so day two was just as much as day one. The previous two weeks we had worked on those first two installs in the classroom. They had seen it a little bit for the last couple weeks and then actually getting out on the field and work a day one install yesterday and day two install today. Tomorrow, we will use a combination of the two installs."

Remember that on Thursday, Michael Lombardi and Joe Banner will also host the Browns' pre-draft presser, which has been confirmed to take place at 2:30 PM EST. We will have an open thread up on Dawgs By Nature for you to discuss what is being said.