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Investigating How the Darrelle Revis Trade Impacts the Cleveland Browns

Ronald Martinez

We have heard the reports about a Darrelle Revis trade for awhile, but now it looks like a deal between the New York Jets and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers has become a reality, according to ESPN:

Despite being just six months removed from an ACL injury, the Buccaneers are willing to pay Revis $16 million a year. The caveat is that his big deal, which makes him the highest-paid defensive back in NFL history, contains NO guaranteed money, according to Schefter. The additions of Revis and safety Dashon Goldon would greatly improve a Tampa Bay secondary that was terrible in 2012.

Besides the big payday, though, the Buccaneers would cough up the No. 13 overall pick in the draft, as well as an additional selection, to the Jets. Sander Philipse, who runs our Buccaneers affiliate, doesn't seem to have a problem with that:

This creates an interesting Week 1 match-up in the NFL for 2013, as the Buccaneers face the Jets right off the bat.

Could this trade indirectly have an impact on the Cleveland Browns? Indeed it could. Two teams in the AFC East -- the Dolphins and the Jets -- would be in the hunt for a new, top-notch cornerback. The Jets own No. 9 and No. 13 overall, while the Dolphins own No. 12 overall. If either team wants to move up for cornerback Dee Milliner -- because he won't fall that far -- then Cleveland might be an ideal trade partner.

Also, the Browns face the Jets late in the 2013 season, and a trade that [presumably] weakens the Jets in the short term can be seen as a benefit to Cleveland schedule-wise.