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2013 NFL Draft Rumor: Cleveland Browns May Try Trade For Ryan Mallett

The Ryan Mallett to Cleveland rumors won't seem to go away. More reports this morning that the Browns are interested in a draft day trade for Patriots backup QB Ryan Mallett.


This morning Mary Kay Cabot is reporting that the Cleveland Browns may still be interested in trading for New England Patriots backup QB Ryan Mallett.

The Browns and Mallett have been linked before today. We've been through this before, just a month back.

Cabot goes on in the article to re-hash some things we already knew; the Lombardi/Belichick connection, Lombardi's love for Mallett coming out of Arkansas, etc. Mary Kay does shed new light that the Patriots are believed to want at least a 2nd rounder, which obviously the Browns don't have right now.

Clearly there'd need to be some movement if this were to come to fruition. Her source says that right now this is just "chatter". But, this is obviously something to keep an eye on throughout today and tonight...