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2013 NFL Draft: Cleveland Browns pick safety Jamoris Slaughter at No. 174 Overall

Jonathan Daniel

If you thought the wait for the Browns to announce a draft pick was long last night, you had another thing coming this afternoon. After initially electing to trade out of the fourth round with the Pittsburgh Steelers in exchange for their 2014 third-round pick, they did it yet again in the fifth round, trading out for a Colts' 2014 fourth-rounder.

Five safeties went between the time they could have made a pick at No. 111 and their eventual sixth-round selection.

Finally, with the No. 174 overall pick the Browns selected safety Jamoris Slaughter out of Notre Dame, adding yet another defensive player to the team's overall 2013 draft class, but is only the third player total in the first six rounds.

Here's how described the bottom line with Slaughter:

Notre Dame coaches have used Slaughter’s excellent football instincts all over the field throughout his career. However, between his lack of a true position, season ending injury, and a deep defensive back class, Slaughter might not hear his name called on draft day.

What do you think of Jamoris Slaughter and the pick at No. 174?