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2013 NFL Draft: Browns Trade 5th Round Pick to Colts for 4th Rounder in 2014


Rinse and repeat. After dealing their 4th-round pick to the Steelers for a 3rd-round pick in 2014, fans were eagerly awaiting the Cleveland Browns' first pick of the day when their spot came up in the 5th round. As the clock was winding down at No. 139 overall, the Browns' name left the board and was replaced by the Indianapolis Colts. The stockpiling of picks in 2014 continued:

Here are the Browns' remaining picks...if they don't end up trading them too:

Remember that after the draft ends, teams can begin signing undrafted free agents. In addition, there are still some veteran free agents out there and more players expected to be released by teams in the coming weeks -- Cleveland could address their safety position in that manner still, even if it is a temporary solution.