Cleveland Browns Draft Profile: QB Zac Dysert

Jamie Sabau

Zac Dysert is a name that, at least where I'm from, isn't really thrown around a lot in the 2013 QB draft class conversation. He comes from a small school that hasn't played particularly well the last few years and he was surrounded by suboptimal talent. However, Dysert is a kid with a lot of things going for him who deserves another look. Here's what I see.

I made some gifs and was going to embed them into the story, but I aint nothin but a simple man so I couldn't figure how to get em in there. Instead, when I want to show you one of the gifs to illustrate a play, I'll hyperlink the statement to a corresponding gifs. I'm still making a couple of them so some of the links aren't active yet. I've set them to open in a separate window so feel free to click without losing your spot. I only pulled a few gifs from the Ohio State and Temple games because making them was draining my computer of its very soul.

(Games watched: Temple, Ohio State, Ohio, Boise State, Akron)


Height: 6'4"

Weight: 228 lbs

40 yd dash: 4.83

2012 Stats:

Att/Com: 302/480

Yards: 3483

Comp %: 62.9

TD/INT: 25/12


Dysert obviously has pretty good size at 6'4/228, and he plays like an even bigger guy, throwing the ball with dudes hanging off of him. He has pretty good arm strength and as far as I can see he can make all the throws you need a pro QB to make. He has pretty good anticipation when you give him time. Great accuracy when on the move (here), even on deep throws (here). Played behind a pretty second rate offensive line, and as a result he runs around and makes plays like the less talented love child of a twisted Favre/Roethlisberger/Romo threeway love child (here). Very hard to bring down (here). Does a good job standing tall in the face of pressure. Places the ball in stride very well on short-intermediate routes. Showed good touch (here, here) as well as the ability to zip it in (here). He won't fly by anyone or shake them out of their boots, but he has a mobility that allows him to turn what might be a big loss with another QB into a small gain. Can throw from different platforms and angles.


One of my biggest peeves with Dysert is that at times, his feet get extremely lazy and completely plant in one spot with no movement (here, here). When he misses, he tends to miss high (here). While sometimes he turns into an absolute statue with no foot movement, other times he bails out of the pocket a bit early instead of stepping up and delivering. His footwork and hips can get wild at times which affect his accuracy. Can stare down receivers a bit at times. He doesn't fall apart when he's down big, but it does seem to affect his play IMO. Has history of bad hair cuts.


Was Ohio Player of the Year in 2007, also played linebacker and wide receiver. Played for multiple OCs in his 4 year career as a starter. Injured hand once in high school, had a slight hamstring tear that kept him out of the combine, and lacerated his spleen in 2010 that kept him out of a few games. Ran for 100+ yards against the amazing Akron Zips. Punted three times for an avg of 33 yds a wack.


Personally, I love Zac Dysert. I think he can make all the throws, I love his mobility, and I like his size - though I think he could stand to bulk up just a bit. I think that a lot of his pros can also count as cons, such as throwing from different platforms, but I feel that much of the negative was a result of playing behind a boor offensive line with few playmakers around him aside from Harwell. I think he'd respond excellently to an offensive line like ours and some professional coaching, and I think that his playing style is great for what I think Chud and Norv are going to be wanting to do - especially in stretching the field. I really think Dysert could come in and push Weeden. Thats not to say I think he'd take the starting job, just that he could be the kind of pressure that keeps Weeden moving in a way that Campbell, whos not a viable candidate for QBOTF, probably can't.

I think Dysert will definitely be gone by the 5th round, and theres a chance I think he could be taken as high as the third. I wouldn't be surprised at all to see a team like Pittsburgh go back to the Miami (OH) well and pick him up. I'd love to have him in Cleveland, and i've got him as my 4th or 5th favorite QB in the draft with a very high ceiling.

Game Links

vs Temple

vs Ohio State

vs Boise State

vs Ohio

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