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Browns 2013 NFL Preseason Schedule

The NFL released the schedule for the 2013 preseason today. Included are some games against familiar foes, and some changes.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Browns start the slate of off season games with two tilts at First Energy stadium. The second two preseason contests will be on the road, with Indianapolis providing a quality measuring stick in the "dress rehearsal" game.

  • Preseason Game 1: St Louis at Cleveland (August 8-11)
  • Preseason Game 2: Detroit at Cleveland (August 15-19)
  • Preseason Game 3: Cleveland at Indy (August 22-25)
  • Preseason Game 4: Cleveland at Chicago (August 29-30)
In 2012 much of the fan consternation about the preseason game vs. the Philadelphia Eagles centered on the regular season opener against them. In 2013, the Browns will play Chicago in the preseason, and then also play them in regular season matches. They will also play a preseason and regular season game against the Detroit Lions. Gamesmanship will abound.