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Mel Kiper's Fourth Mock Draft: Browns Take DE Dion Jordan at No. 6 Overall


Mel Kiper released his fourth mock draft of the year today, and his first since free agency has settled down. To recap his history so far, during his first two editions, he had the Cleveland Browns taking DE Bjoern Werner at No. 6 overall. In his third mock draft, he switched it up and had the Browns going with DE/OLB Dion Jordan instead. That decision seems to be stabilizing a bit, as he went with Jordan again for Cleveland:

OLB Dion Jordan, Oregon

Analysis: Really like this fit. I've noted before that the Browns had one of the worst pass rushes in the league last year. Jordan is a long, explosive pass-rusher with freakish athleticism and an ability to operate effectively in space. This is a guy you want to unleash in a 3-4. I think between getting him on the field and Jabaal Sheard making strides, the Browns can take a big step forward up front.

It is interesting that Kiper decided to have QB Geno Smith go to the Philadelphia Eagles at No. 4 overall. Remember a couple of months ago when draft prognosticators were putting Smith around No. 20 or later? Now everyone wants to put him as a lock for the top five.

Jordan-to-Cleveland has been getting a lot of traction among fans, but when we reveal the DBN Big Board that you have been voting in, there might be a surprise in there.