Cleveland Browns Draft Profile: Geno Smith

Justin K. Aller

Geno Smith - Quarterback - West Virginia

6'2" 220 lbs.

Geno Smith is sort of an enigma. Started out his season spectacularly, going 5-0. Then it kind of crash for Geno and the mountaineers, going 2-6 to finish out the year, including a bowl game loss to Syracuse. But how good is he really?

2012 369 518 4205 71.2 8.12 87 42 6 19 163.9
2011 346 526 4385 65.8 8.34 84 31 7 26 152.6
2010 241 372 2763 64.8 7.43 71 24 7 28 144.7

I didn't include Geno's freshman stats, but here are his last three years. The thing that stands out to most is that everything improved across the board each year except for YPA and total yards, although both stats are marginally less. He will have no problem with any amount of work he may have to do in the NFL. He attempted a pretty hefty amount of passes as a Mountaineer, throwing at least 500 passes the last two years, notching 4000+ yards in those years. He did nothing except give teams more of a reason to draft him with his Combine performance by running the forty yard dash in 4.59 seconds. Let's get a little underneath the stats though.

Geno Smith: Worthy of the #1 Pick (via TheArmchairAddict)

Arm Strength: Geno's arm strength is pretty much what you need. He won't be throwing 60 yard bombs all day, but his arm is definitely strong enough to make all the throws in the NFL.

Accuracy: Geno's accuracy is usually great. He has a tendency to waver at times, throwing passes a bit off target, seemingly getting frustrated. Some of the passes he completes in college are sure interceptions in the NFL, but Geno is more than likely capable of adjusting.

In the pocket: Geno has great pocket presence. He steps up at all the right times, and hangs in the pocket to wait for his receivers. He can also go through his progression and get it to the open guy. When he gets frustrated though he can tend to throw it to a guy early or late.

Running: Geno is fast. You saw that 40 time right? Well, don't get too excited. He doesn't run every time the opportunity arises. Often times he will miss a running lane, and hang in the pocket for a pass. He did not have a 100-yard rushing game in 2012. That may prove to be a good thing, though. It could make him a bit safer, unlike guys like Robert Griffin III.

Where he could land: Geno may be really intriguing to many teams, but I am not sure who will use a first round pick on him. I first thought the Chiefs until they got Alex Smith. Next, Jacksonville. I would not use the #2 on him, and I am not sure the Jags want to. They have so many holes, I think they will avoid him. Not Oakland because of the acquisition of Matt Flynn. I think Philly will give another go at Vick, or even Dennis Dixon. Arizona got Palmer, so I doubt there. Kolb is in Buffalo now, but I think they may go for Geno. Kolb is not a starter in my eyes. The last team in the top ten is the New York Jets. They have no sense of what makes a good football team, so they will likely stick with Mark Sanchez. Best guess would be Buffalo, but if he falls past them I would think some team would trade back into the first for him.

Should the Browns draft Geno? No. They should not. Not in the first round, anyway. Should he fall into the second, I would want the Browns to make a reasonable trade into the second to take him. If he slips into the second, I can easily see him get taken to a place where he can sit for a year or two. Places like New England, Denver, New Orleans or Arizona.

OVERALL: Geno knows what he is supposed to do. He has the physical ability to make all the throws you have to make in the NFL. Sometimes, he just doesn't do it. Only sometimes though, is he inconsistent. Does that even make any sense? It doesn't but you get what I mean. I hope, anyways. He can run, and does, but not to it's maximum potential, which if you recall, can still put you in a bad position. Ask RG3. He is sound, but not NFL sound yet, but he does seem like a kind of guy with a work ethic to be able to adjust. Geno to me is one of the most interesting draft stories as his fate is really a complete mystery.

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