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David Nelson inks 1 year deal with the Browns

Welcome to Cleveland, Mr. Nelson.

Brace Hemmelgarn-US PRESSWIRE

Today, the Cleveland Browns signed a one year deal with Wide Receiver David Nelson. A formidable 6'5 and 217 lbs, Nelson will presumably play in the slot for Cleveland.

Nelson displayed great hands in his time with the Bills, reeling in 61 catches for 658 yards and 5 touchdowns in his last full season. He is a large target in the red zone and will be able to separate from defensive backs and linebackers with decent speed and a large frame. Think "more mobile TE" when Nelson lines up, and thats exactly the usage he's seen in the past. (He has seen the occasional snap at H-back and lined up exclusively as a blocker.)

The immediate question for most Browns fans will be, "How does this affect the current corps of Browns Wide Receivers?"

The answer is that the Browns are stronger at the position today than they were yesterday. They have gained the flexibility of having three receivers that are tall, fast, and physical will enable them to change packages and disguise what the offense is trying to do. Adding a complimentary target at tight end with Jordan Cameron will add a lethal element to the Browns offense that they haven't seen since......well, since Chudzinski was calling the shots in 2007.

For a good time, check out David Nelson's twitter feed; he's been very vocal about Cleveland since his initial visit.

Anyone wanna hook me up w some Indians season tickets

Sure will, David. Sure will......and we'll find some for your dad too, when he is done talking to us in the other thread.