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Seneca Wallace and Brady Quinn Trying Out for Seahawks


It must be nice to be the Seattle Seahawks right now, where your only significant position of concern is at backup quarterback after the team traded Matt Flynn to the Oakland Raiders not too long ago. According to Field Gulls, the Seahawks will host a tryout with four quarterbacks this week, including Tyler Thigpen, Matt Leinart, Brady Quinn, and Seneca Wallace. The news is somewhat relevant to the Cleveland Browns because two of those quarterbacks, Quinn and Wallace, are former quarterbacks of the team.

Since leaving Cleveland, Quinn has bounced between Denver and Kansas City. He actually started a game against the Browns last season, but lost badly. Wallace, on the other hand, was in camp with the Browns in 2012, but did not make the final roster -- the Browns had opted to keep Colt McCoy instead, who they ended up trading to the San Francisco 49ers this offseason.

Because Wallace is a former long-time member of the Seahawks, I thought fans might welcome him back with open arms...that is, until I scanned the comments for awhile before I could find the first mention of him. When I did, this is what I saw:

"Seneca...wonder if that guy still loves running out of bounds for five yard losses."

"Yeah, I want anything but Seneca. I’m not going to say he’s not smart, but he makes a lot of dumb plays so I don’t think he thinks well under pressure. I don’t trust him to be able to read the defense and make fast decisions on the read option, I think he’d be a guy that pretty much makes up his mind before the snap which one he’ll do."


Wallace was out of football all of last season, but seems to be trying to get back in the game. The Oakland Raiders also tried out Wallace a couple of days ago.