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Browns' Director of College Scouting, John Spytek, Has Been Fired

More pictures of scouts.
More pictures of scouts.

The changes in the scouting department, as expected, keep on coming.

According to the Akron Beacon Journal, the Cleveland Browns have fired John Spytek, who was the team's Director of College Scouting, as well as two of their pro scouts. This comes a couple of days after senior national scout Pat Roberts was let go by the team. The firing of Spytek comes just a few days after CEO Joe Banner included his name while praising the team's draft efforts this year:

"This is mostly the work of Michael Lombardi, Jon Sandusky, John Spytek, Ray Farmer and the rest of the crew. They did a great job getting us ready for this. It’s a matter of leaving no stone unturned. Sometimes you can find value in those spots. They found them, they identified them, we went through the process with the scouts and the coaches evaluated them. We felt they had a chance to help us and we went ahead."

As we have mentioned in the past already, this type of move should not be considered a shock. Spytek joined the Browns during the Tom Heckert era, as did the two pro scouts. Before joining Cleveland, all three men either had ties to Philadelphia or Seattle. I guess you could view it as marginally interesting that Spytek used to be with the Eagles when Banner was there, but that it wasn't enough for him to be retained in Cleveland.