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LB D'Qwell Jackson, Others Join Organization to Raise Awareness About Homophobia

Norm Hall

Cleveland Browns linebacker D'Qwell Jackson, who has been active in areas besides being an NFL player in the past, has joined another organization:

Besides Jackson, there are plenty of other former Browns linebackers taking part in the organization. As the tweet above states, Scott Fujita serves as an ambassador. Chris Gocong and Eric Barton are also joining. Donte Stallworth is also one of the few other people in the organization. Jackson commented on his motives to join the organization:

"I believe that everyone should be treated the same. That's my thought as a person and as a teammate. Joining Athlete Ally is my way of letting it be known that I would respect any teammate - gay or straight - it just doesn't matter."

Fujita believes this is a telling sign of Cleveland's welcoming environment:

"I am forever grateful to the game of football for teaching me the value of teamwork and sportsmanship and honored that my former teammates recognize their responsibility as role models in our culture," Fujita said. "With each new Athlete Ally that speaks out, an LGBT athlete may feel more comfortable in his or her sport, and will know that there is support. It is clear by the advocacy of these players that Cleveland is a welcoming environment. That is something I am very proud of."

Former Vikings punter Chris Kluwe is one of three other players reportedly involved with the organization. Kluwe has been outspoken regarding his thoughts on this topic, and the Browns could be seeking a veteran punter.