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Arian Foster as a Member of the Cleveland Browns?


Your eyes are not deceiving you: Arian Foster is a member of the Cleveland part of the movie "Draft Day," of course. The photo of the Texans running back, along with cornerback Joe Haden, began circulating the net over the past day or so.

Haden also shared another group photo from the set of Draft Day that seemed to confirm some of the players who will be "extras" in the film. Those players include:

  • C Alex Mack
  • RB Arian Foster
  • WR Greg Little
  • LB D'Qwell Jackson
  • SS T.J. Ward
  • CB Joe Haden

In addition, actor Chadwick Boseman, who played Jackie Robinson in the recent film 42, is amidst the group. He will be more than an extra, as last month it was reported that he "will play the integral supporting role of a linebacker from Louisiana, whose entire livelihood depends on his selection in the draft."

If Mack gets the chance, he can try to utilize some of the acting chops he acquired in the NFL Pro Hollywood Boot Camp he took part in a couple of months ago.