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Tracking the Suitors for Former Browns WR Joshua Cribbs

Matt Sullivan

Last week, we talked about covering Joshua Cribbs' journey back to the NFL, despite a return to the Cleveland Browns basically being out of the question. At the time, there was zero reported interest surrounding him. Miraculously, less than 24 hours after our post, the news started circulating about all of the visits he had lined up with teams around the league.

Here is a summary of the teams Cribbs has visited recently, or has visits lined up with soon:

Reports indicated that Cribbs passed the physical that he took with the Raiders, and that the team offered him a contract. Because Cribbs still had visits lined up with other teams, he wanted to proceed with those visits.

As it stands now, it sounds like there's a good chance he'll end up with one of those four teams pretty soon. If that is the case, the Browns would have a 50% chance of facing Cribbs in 2013: they play the Lions twice (once in the preseason), and the Jets (in Week 16).