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Print and Build Your Very Own Joe Thomas & D'Qwell Jackson

Click here for the full image above.

Football Cubee Maker (@CubeeMaker)

The series finale for The Office is coming up on Thursday, and while surfing one of my go-to blogs related to the show, I saw a neat post on how to print and build your favorite characters from the show. Earlier today, while surfing Twitter for the latest news related to the Cleveland Browns, I happened to stumble upon this stroke of genius: a way that you can build your very own Joe Thomas, courtesy of Football Cubee Maker. In other words, you can bring God to life before your very eyes!

If you're looking for defense, then he just posted one of LB D'Qwell Jackson, too, and he might be taking requests for additional players.

This seems like the type of thing I'd be compelled to print off, build, and then display at work. What about you? Be sure to check out their site here, or follow them on Twitter.