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Joshua Cribbs Reportedly Getting Set to Make a Decision

Going through our stock footage on Cribbs.
Going through our stock footage on Cribbs.
CHirs Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

A couple of days ago, we reported that former Cleveland Browns wide receiver Joshua Cribbs seemed to be drawing the attention of four teams: the Raiders, Lions, Jets, and Giants. According to a Lions beat reporter on Monday, Cribbs is close to making a decision on who he wants to play for, and Detroit is "high" on that list:

Cribbs went on to add the following: "I want a team that's stable and a team that's on the verge and missing a piece to become a Super Bowl-caliber team. I want to be with the a team that's missing (a kick returner); that's missing a piece of the puzzle to be great."

Although the Lions don't seem like the most Super Bowl-caliber team in the league, they are closer than say...the Jets and the Raiders. The fact that Cribbs is going to make a decision leads you to believe that he has multiple offers on the table; last week, it was reported that Oakland had offered him a contract.

Perhaps Cribbs' desire to play for a contender spurred the Jets a little, because despite at least one other team indicating he passed their physical, the Jets' general manager was more dismissive about the former Brown's health:

"We got to get the physical on him, so it was a very informative visit," Jets general manager John Idzik said at a charity event at BTIG in Manhattan today. Unfortunately for Cribbs, idzik added: "I don't think he's quite there yet, but he's probably getting close."

On Monday, Browns general manager Michael Lombardi said it would have to be the "perfect situation" for Cribbs to want to return. As the offseason continues to go by, it sounds more and more like Cribbs and Phil Dawson, two free agents who were not re-signed, were persistent in wanting to seek out a more immediate contender to sign with in 2013.