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Dates and Times Confirmed for Browns Preseason Games


It always seems a little awkward to me how the NFL handles the release of their scheduling information. First, they unveil the general timeline in which preseason games will occur. Then, in mid-April, they release the entire regular season schedule, complete with dates and times for every team. The final step comes in mid-May, when they announce exactly when each team's preseason games will take place.

With that said, here are the dates and times for the Cleveland Browns' 2013 preseason games:

  • Thursday, August 8th: St. Louis Rams vs. Cleveland Browns - 8:00 PM ET
  • Thursday, August 15th: Detroit Lions vs. Cleveland Browns - 7:30 PM ET
  • Saturday, August 24th: Cleveland Browns vs. Indianapolis Colts - 7:00 PM ET
  • Thursday, August 29th: Cleveland Browns vs. Chicago Bears - 8:00 PM ET

None of the Browns' games will be nationally televised during the preseason, but they should be on WKYC locally, presumably featuring Jim Donovan and Bernie Kosar as usual. Just think -- we are less than three months away from the Browns playing their first preseason game! Is anybody here at DBN attending the games against the Rams or Lions?