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Campbell impressing in first Browns Practices

As the first reviews from Browns OTA's begin filtering in, Jason Campbell has begun to generate a lot of buzz from his off-field demeanor and on-field play. Local beat reporters have begun to wax philosophic on his chances to start, which could just be an effort to drum up controversy.....or it may not.


First, these two tweets:

Afterward, Steve Doerschuk at the Canton Rep had the following article.

I don't write this post to try to drive QB controversy, but there is something indelibly rewarding about Campbell's ability to perform like a professional. He's capable of leading practice sessions, making the throws that will develop his surrounding talent, and fosters a culture of accountability and preparation for young quarterbacks. The second year of Campbell's contract should be sweeter to fans when you consider the fact that if Weeden doesn't pan out this year (despite being given every chance to succeed) that he will be here next year as a solid professional to mentor a much stronger quarterback crop in 2014. Early returns are promising, to say the least.