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Browns Bringing RB Brandon Jackson Back on a 1-Year Deal

Karl Walter

If you would have said, "the Browns brought back one of their free agents on Thursday," I don't think anybody would have guessed that it would be a running back. On the same day that the team signed quarterback Brian Hoyer, they also agreed to terms with running back Brandon Jackson to a one-year deal:

I'm not disappointed at all to see Jackson re-signed. I think he's a heck of an option for a third-down back, and he was neglected by former Browns head coach Pat Shurmur, only contributing in one game over two years. For him to want to come back after that, even if it is a new regime, is a surprise.

It's also surprising because the Browns are loaded at running back. Look at all of these names:

  1. Trent Richardson
  2. Montario Hardesty
  3. Chris Ogbonnaya
  4. Dion Lewis
  5. Robbie Rouse
  6. Jamaine Cooke
  7. Brandon Jackson

The number of running backs tell me that after Richardson, everything is fair game: any combination of these guys could end up as the backup, third guy, or released. One of those releases could come soon. With Hoyer and Jackson about to sign, two players will have to be released from the 90-man roster.

Are you surprised that Jackson is coming back?