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Jason Pinkston Returns to Practice in OTA's for First Time Since October


There was some feel-good news for the Cleveland Browns today as offensive guard Jason Pinkston took part in practice for the first time since last October.

Pinkston did not work with the first-team offense, but even being on the football field again is a major step forward for him. While he was suffering and recovering from his injury, Pinkston "gained about 12 pounds of unwanted weight and lost some endurance," according to the Akron Beacon Journal (understandably so, given his condition). The article goes on to say that Pinkston is trying to lose about 8 more pounds to get down to 318 pounds, and that he's determined to reclaim his starting role.

"[I want to] compete for a starting job," he said. "No one’s job here is safe. New coaches, everybody’s competing, so just try to get a starting job and get back in there and hopefully run out of that tunnel opening day for the Browns."

We'll see how things unfold with Pinkston, as there were some other interesting depth chart news on the offensive line during practice Thursday.