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Rob Chudzinski's Post-OTA News Conference


Cleveland Browns head coach Rob Chudzinski met with the media following the conclusion of the team's first set of organized team activity sessions on Thursday. Some of the information he discussed was covered in our post about the team's depth chart last night, but I've organized the transcript of what he said by topic, nonetheless:

Opening Statement - What They Worked On

(Opening statement)- "Thanks for coming. We had a really productive week. I am really pleased with the tempo that the guys have practiced with. Their approach, again, has been outstanding. We got a lot done this week. As far as the OTAs themselves, the structure of it has been that we bring them in, they have a lift session. We get a chance to meet with them for an extended period of time where we will correct the previous tape as well as install for a particular day. Then we have a chance to come out here and practice. The past three days we have done that.

We’ve had a chance, situation primarily, where we have been working on our first and second down packages, offensively, defensively and then really getting into some third downs. We got into some shorter third downs the first day of the week. There have been some medium third downs and some longer third downs. We are in process of installing those situations. It’s been a good week for us. It’s been good to get a chance to go out on the field against each other and see guy’s execution. That’s been the focus and really what we are trying to work on and see the execution level after being in phase two, which is basically working on air, for the past three weeks."

Mixing it Up at Offensive Guard

(On why Shawn Lauvao is playing left guard and if that change is permanent)- "We are moving guys around at the guard position. (Jason) Pinkston has been back. Just this week is his first week back so he is not getting the normal amount of reps. We will slowly work him into it. We are working all the guards at all the different spots."

(On if the guards need to get outside a lot in the run game)- "They need to be able to block inside, pass block and be able to get outside as pullers as well."

(On if they did a lot of pulling with the guards)- "We did. That’s part of what the install was this particular day, the plays where you saw those guys getting outside a lot."

Brandon Weeden's Learning Curve

(On how Brandon Weeden has been able to translate from the classroom to the field)- "I think he’s done a good job with that. It starts, really with those guys with calling the play. Getting in the huddle and being able to go through that process. We had a play clock, I don’t know if you guy’s noticed. We’ve had a play clock out here on them to really try to really work on that tempo because that’s the difference. Guys can learn it indoors in the classroom and the application out here is what we are looking for. Part of that is the process of having to do it when there is a time constraint going on. That’s a big part of it."

(On how much more he knows know about Weeden than he did in January)- "You get to know about him. How he picks things up. How he translates and that’s what we want to see is how he is translating to decision making on the field. That’s what we are looking at right now at this step. Obviously, things are slowed down up front a little bit so you are not getting the total pass rush. It’s not completely 100 percent guys going against each other."

(On if it’s different world for a quarterback during his second year in the league)- "Every year is a different world for a quarterback. The minute they get comfortable – you can’t do that at that position. It will help, that experience under his belt of what it’s like to be in a game. It’s obviously a brand new system so there are a lot of things where it will be like a first-year guy again."

(On if it is tough for Weeden because he will be compared to the elite class of rookies from last year)- "That’s going to happen all the time at that position. If you are playing that position in the NFL you have to expect those things."

Jason Campbell, Brian Hoyer Competing at Quarterback

(On what Jason Campbell brings to the quarterback position)- "Really if you look at him, he’s a guy that’s had success. He’s played in the league. He’s got a good arm, good mobility and that experience level that he brings to the table."

(On if Campbell has one of the stronger arms in the league)- "He has a strong arm. There are quite a few guys that have a strong arm. He has good touch and he is able to get the ball where he wants to put it."

(On if you can tell that Campbell has played in this offense previously)- "He knows the terminology. It’s a little more comfortable for him. He has basically called the same things before. That definitely helps."

(On Brian Hoyer and if the three quarterbacks here now will be the three in camp)- "I think all of that will remain to be seen. We are coaching these guys up right now. I feel good with this group with what they are doing and how they have progressed. We will just move along and keep going in the same direction. As you saw today Brandon was working with the first group. Jason (Campbell) has been working with the second group and Thaddeus (Lewis) has gotten reps with the third group. We will continue along that way, it’s just too early right now to be able to say anything. It wouldn’t be smart to name a starter and all those types of things that we have gone through before."

Knowing the Play Clock, Offensive Mentality

(On if the offense needs to be at the line at a certain point on the play clock)- "Not necessarily at the line. When we break the huddle, we set it for different times and that has progressively gone down as the week has gone on. We will get it down to where they are breaking it at 13 or 12, which that is kind of a stress situation where you have to move things along quickly. That is kind of what we are putting on those guys right now."

(On if he has been happy with the tempo)- "The tempo has been pretty good. We have been working them at a pretty good clip and they have responded to that. I’ve been pleased with that. That’s the first thing, if you can create the environment of the practice and situation around them then we will get the result we want as we are working and continue to work."

Buster Skrine at CB, Johnson Bademosi at S

(On Buster Skrine)- "I think he’s done a good job. Again, it’s only been a couple days here going against guys. He’s worked at it and he shows a lot of the skills from the corner position that you like. He’s got feet, he’s competitive so it’s just the process of learning the defense and just honing up on the fundamentals and techniques."

(On what they saw in Johnson Bademosi to move him to safety)- "He is a good football player, obviously on special teams. He is aggressive, good tackler and he goes 100 miles per hour on that. We felt like from an athletic and physicality standpoint, that it would be worth trying to look at him at safety. We know that he has played corner and can play corner. That is some of what we are trying to do out here now, is put some guys in some spots that they may not necessarily have been in before and just take a look at them."

(On when Leon McFadden will be available)- "He is finishing up his school so he will be back next week."

Loose Ends - Influence, and Josh Gordon

(On who has influenced him as a coach)- "Along the way I have been real fortunate to be around a lot of great coaches going back all the way to Jimmy Johnson. He was the first guy I played for in college. Through Dennis Erickson and Marty Schottenheimer and being around Norv (Turner), Romeo (Crennel) and Ron Rivera. I’ve tried to grab a little bit from each guy. The thing that we do want is to emphasize the tempo, emphasize trying to put pressure on ours guys to make it as game-like from a standpoint of them having to react to situations as quickly as we can. "

(On what he has seen from Josh Gordon)- "I’ve really seen improvement from Josh. From his route running standpoint, he is really working at it. A lot of times that takes time. He has really embraced that. He is making plays and really, I’ve been pleased with his progress."