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"Cleveland Browns Stadium" Signage Removed; Soccer Practice on May 28th

According to a report by FOX 8, the removal of the "Cleveland Browns Stadium" signage is now complete, and will soon be replaced by signage for the new name of the stadium, "FirstEnergy Stadium." FOX 8's website had a picture from when some of the letters in the old signage were being removed.

As for what the new signage will look like, the team released a sketch artist rendering back in January, which you can see in the lead-in photo for this article.

In other news related to the stadium, if you are a soccer fan, then you should be salivating at the thought of attending the friendly match between USA and Belgium on May 29th. If you are not interested in spending the money on tickets but would like to get into FirstEnergy Stadium for free, Team USA will hold a free practice session on May 28th, starting at 5:00 PM. Who knows; maybe the signage will be all complete by then for FirstEnergy Stadium!