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Cleveland Browns Caption Contest (5/18): QB Brandon Weeden


Ladies and gentleman, I am happy to announce that caption contests are back at Dawgs By Nature! In 2012, we made this a regular feature from mid-May until the end of June, which is otherwise known as a "dead spot" in terms of news with substance in the NFL. It is the perfect time to have some more light-hearted discussions or stray off-topic a bit more than usual.

Ground Rules for Caption Contest:

  • In the comments section, come up with a caption that you believe other readers will enjoy.
  • Readers: if you like a caption, "rec" it.
  • Whichever user gets the most "rec's" by the time the next caption contest is posted will be deemed the winner of that contest.
  • We'll try to keep a running tally of how many wins members for 2013. New contests will occur several days per week.

Today, we begin with Cleveland Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden on a cell phone at an OTA session. I'm sure you guys can get creative with who he was talking to or what is being said, so get at it!