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49ers WR Michael Crabtree Tears Achilles; What Injury Would Cripple the Browns?


Teams are starting up their offseason activities again, and while that is supposed to be a time for joy, it is also a time for concern:

With the 49ers' situation, I would not be as concerned as Niners Nation appears to be. Yes, losing Michael Crabtree hurts, considering his blocking skills, and the fact that he was a nice security blanket for Colin Kaepernick at the end of last season. But, this is a 49ers team that got by with an older Randy Moss as their No. 2 receiver in 2012. They acquired Anquan Boldin in the offseason, and have Kyle Williams and Mario Manningham returning from injury. They also drafted a guy named A.J. Jenkins in the first round last year. Do you think he's looking for a shot at playing time?

When it comes to the Cleveland Browns, which player (excluding Joe Thomas) would you be most concerned about suffering an injury at this time of the year? In terms of magnitude, let's call it an torn Achilles', ACL, or pectoral. We saw it last year with Cleveland Browns defensive tackle Phil Taylor. He did come back part-way through the season, but not having a full second year of development for him hurt. With the Browns trying to grow this year under new offensive and defensive systems, which one player suffering an injury would really set things back for the entire 2013 season?