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Rob Chudzinski's Post-OTA News Conference - Discussing the QB Depth Chart


Cleveland Browns head coach Rob Chudzinski met with the media following the conclusion of the team's second set of organized team activity sessions on Thursday. He discussed the depth chart at quarterback, our outside linebackers switching sides, liking what Dion Lewis has to offer, and more. The transcript of what Chudzinski discussed is organized by topic below:

Opening Statement

(Opening statement)- "We had a good week. I’m pleased with what we got done. A lot of it we focused on situational work again and this week we got more into red zone, two minute situations. We worked that really all week long was red zone. We got a lot of work there. Then the last two days we have worked two minute situations and have done that. I feel good about the progress we are making. We are covering a lot. The energy has been great. We are making our way."

Bringing Brian Hoyer in and How He Has Looked

(On what made them bring Brian Hoyer in)- "He was available and we decided to bring him in. He is a guy who has had experience. He has been around. With our situation right now, you don’t have enough reps to split, they are split a lot of different ways. Having a guy who has had some experience and knows how to play and has been on NFL teams helps."

(On how Hoyer has looked this week)- "It’s early. He has picked things up quickly and he has a good feel."

(On if Hoyer’s skill set fits what they wanted)- "Again, he’s had experience. He has a good arm and a good sense for playing. We are working him here and we’ll get more of a look at him as we go."

Setting the Early QB Depth Chart, and Not Needing Thaddeus Lewis

(On if the reps will be taken by Brandon Weeden-one, Jason Campbell-two and Brian Hoyer-three and then whatever happens happens)- "That’s how we will have them. We will have them 1-2-3. We are getting some extra reps with the young guys and really working that so Brian has been able to get some extra reps with the threes."

(On if they didn’t need a fourth quarterback for training camp)- "We don’t necessarily need a fourth. It’s not the worst thing to have a fourth and that’s traditionally what has been done, but we need reps and guys to get reps, especially with a new offense right now so three is a good number for us."

(On Brandon Weeden looking better this week an practice than last week and his improvement over the course of OTAs)- "You guys are out here one day a week so sometimes you might see one thing one day and the next day you are out. I've seen a progression with Brandon. With all the guys, some days are better than others and that's the thing working with these guys and these quarterbacks. It's not going to be about what a guy does in one day. We're looking over the course of time and they are doing a good job. They are learning what we are doing. Again, we are really working different situations. Next week, we'll work in different situations, get into backed up, get into some four-minute and some of those types of situations. We’ll continue to throw different things at them."

Tashaun Gipson & Johnson Bademosi at Safety

(On Tashaun Gipson)- "He has done a nice job and there are some young guys there, we’re giving them opportunities. That's going to be a competitive and fluid situation and we'll just keep working. Again, when we get into training camp, that'll really play itself out when we get into contact."

(On if Johnson Bademosi is now the leader of the special teams unit)- "I’ve been pleased with him. He has taken that type of role, special teams wise. Obviously, he is learning a new position and playing some safety. His approach has been great and I have been pleased with his progress."

(On is it an experiment or if Bademosi is a safety until further notice)- "I think he looks pretty good at safety right now. We'll keep playing him there and we'll also get him some work at corner and see how that goes."

Brandon Jackson's Return, and Dion Lewis' Performance

(On Brandon Jackson returning)- "With Brandon, I always felt like you can't have enough good running backs. He's a proven guy who has had production in the league. He has been able to have good production catching the ball as well. Just bringing in another guy who was available at that position from my experience, you can never have enough good running backs."

(On Dion Lewis)- "Dion has done a nice job. He had a couple nice runs out here. He has shown some quickness, can catch the ball and has some skills."

(On if he likes Lewis’ pass catching ability)- "I do. I’ve liked what I’ve seen."

(On if pass catching is a high requirement for his running backs)- "You'd like to have somebody who can do everything. That's typically not what the case is so you look for different things from different guys. That's something that he obviously has shown that he can do."

Paul Kruger & Jabaal Sheard Switching Sides

(On if Paul Kruger and Jabaal Sheard switched sides from last week)- "We are working them a little bit on both sides. You have probably seen that with a lot of players out here. We are working them multiple sides. It gives us a chance to work them there in case you need to down the road and just to see guys from different sides"

(On if a player could be more comfortable on one side than another)- "I haven’t noticed it. It would be too early to tell. Where they have been playing and how they have been playing has looked pretty good to me."

Praising OG John Greco, Discussing the Wide Receivers

(On if John Greco being a versatile lineman)- "John is able to play a lot of different positions. He came in and did a really nice job last season. He's smart and he can handle a lot of different things. We've been working him on both sides and he is a valuable guy."

(On the competition at the wide receiver position)- "It's pretty open right now and there are a lot of guys there. Again, here, there is no press coverage and there are some things that will make it a little easier for the offense and the receivers particularly. Once we get into training camp that'll play itself out."

(On Josh Cooper)- "He has done a nice job. He has had some nice plays out there. He's a versatile guy who has played in the slot and he has some quickness. He has caught the ball well this spring."

Injuries and Missing From Practice

(On Trent Richardson's injury)- "It's precautionary. We are holding him out. He may miss minicamp in a week and a half. I'm not sure, we'll just take it day-by-day."

(On Jordan Cameron's injury)- "Same thing. He has a groin that he has pulled. Again, we are being more cautionary with these type of things. We'll have to wait and see."

(On why Desmond Bryant wasn’t at practice today)- "He has a legal matter that he is taking care of today."