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What is the Story Behind Your Dawgs By Nature Screen Name?

Justin K. Aller

With it being the offseason, it's time to break out into an off-topic discussion (although the Cleveland Browns will most certainly come up for many of you). The question is simple: what is the back story behind your screen name?

The back story behind my name is simple. "Chris" is a shout out to former Browns head coach Chris Palmer, and "Pokorny" is a cool name for a character I read in a book once. The combination just seemed to fit well when I created the site and needed a name, right? Right?

Only kidding. There is no fascinating back story to my screen name, because it is simply the same as my real name. Technically, when I first joined SB Nation, my screen name was "ChrisPokorny," without a space between my first and last names. I wanted Google News and other web crawlers to pick up my first and last name accurately, though, so I requested a change to have the space put in, as it is now.

What about all of you guys? I'm really curious about some people -- like Ted Washington's Belly, pwndabear, etc. Maybe some of you have described your screen names in isolated threads in the past, but this is your opportunity to have everybody's story all in one thread. Have at it!