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Happy Memorial Day from Dawgs By Nature!



We here at Dawgs By Nature hope that everyone has a pleasant Memorial Day today, as we remember those left behind. It was in the low-90s last year at this time, but today, temperatures in Cleveland are only expected to reach the mid-60s, with a chance of rain. I hope the weather does not spoil barbeque plans for anyone!

In terms of what to follow in sports today, the Browns are off, but will resume OTAs tomorrow. The US soccer team will be practicing in FirstEnergy Stadium tomorrow, which will be a rare experience for the city of Cleveland, so head on down if you have some time.

The Indians play the Reds today at 1:15 pm, as they hope to overcome the recent woes of their bullpen after dropping three of four games to the Red Sox. Head on over to Let's Go Tribe for all of the baseball coverage you will ever need.