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Ron Jaworski: Chip Kelly's Offense Won't Work in the NFL

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

It has been about five months since the Cleveland Browns were spurned by Chip Kelly, and what seemed like a big deal back then really seems like a footnote at this point. Nonetheless, as the regular season approaches, the success that Kelly ends up having in Philadelphia will undoubtedly be compared to what Rob Chudzinski accomplishes with the Browns.

Right now, Kelly has at least one critic: ESPN's Ron Jaworski, who thinks that teams will have no problems figuring out his offense in the NFL:

"It’s going to be interesting to see if this style of offense projects to the NFL. I’m going to say no. I just don’t see NFL passing concepts in this offense. It’s a movement offense by the quarterback, off the run-action, off the read-action. A lot of short, quick passes, dart routes, bubble screens. Very few plays down the field with NFL passing concepts."

"The NFL is a different league with fast players that have all week to prepare for you. At the collegiate level, you have 20 hours to prepare for that Oregon offense. Take out three hours of game time. You’ve got 17 hours in the course of a week to practice and prepare for that style of offense. It kills you in college. But in the NFL, these guys work 17 hours a day. A day, not a week – 17 hours a day getting ready, so there’s no secrets."

I still say that anyone who hires Pat Shurmur is doomed to fail, right? Our Eagles affiliate, Bleeding Green Nation, was quick to dismiss Jaworski's prediction, though:

No one, Chip Kelly included is saying that the offense he ran at Oregon will work in the NFL. So it's hard to say what Jaws is arguing against.