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Daily Dawg Chow: Browns news (5/28/13)



Cleveland Browns:


  • "Seahawks veterans call meeting to discuss PED issue" (CBS Sports) - "On May 17, Seattle defensive end Bruce Irvin became the fifth Seahawks player since 2010 to be suspended for using performance enhancing drugs (PEDs). There have only been 50 league-wide PED suspensions in that timespan, which means the Seahawks have accounted for 10 percent of them."
  • "Richard Seymour, Atlanta Falcons waiting for June 1?" ( - "The Atlanta Falcons and free agent Richard Seymour might not have jump-started serious contract discussions, but that doesn't mean a deal won't be worked out in the coming weeks."
  • "Hakeem Nicks willing to play out rookie contract" ( - "While restricted free agent Victor Cruz's contract talks with the New York Giants have dominated the offseason news, Hakeem Nicks' camp has been eerily quiet entering the final year of his rookie deal."
  • "John Fox revisits playoff decisions" (ESPN) - "Four months after the Denver Broncos' playoff loss to the Baltimore Ravens, coach John Fox said he'd still have Peyton Manning take a knee and go to overtime rather than try for the win with 31 seconds left. He has second-guessed a pivotal decision he made on Denver's previous offensive possession, however."