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Details/movement continue on Pilot/Flying J case

Earlier today two employees of Jimmy Haslam's trucking company pleaded guilty in the ongoing legal battle against the truck stop company.


Tom Withers broached the story earlier today, essentially asking Browns fans to "buckle up" as the ride looks to turn bumpy.

This was followed by the following tweets:

Legal issues on this scale have a tendency to create a snowball effect. When investigators acquire a specific amount of data to support the prosecution, they will attempt to use that data to get employees to come forward. The offer of a plea deal or reduced sentence can sometimes be enough to get employees to report on what they've seen and been involved in.

The reports filed today won't immediately change the perception of the scandal or create any meaningful changes, but it continues to be another piece for skeptical fans to consider when evaluating Haslam at his word.

Note: Thanks to OhioCityBrownsBeliever, links to a Waiver of Indictment for Arnold Ralenkotter (Regional Sales Director for Direct Sales) and Information Page for Ashley Judd (Regional Account Representative for Direct Sales) can be found here.